The NeedleMaid

Our story

Imagine a land of peace and music and aroma of delicacies. A land where clouds cast a magic mist and trains scale the peaks with an old age charm. Darjeeling - inarguably, the "Queen of Hills".

Sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas, we present an exclusive collection of fabric merchandise. Carefully selected fabrics that shine the light of smiles and manifest the radiant artistic fervour. And then meticulously crafted by hand into substance of desires that leave you elated and wanting for more.

Luxurious. Hand-made. Sustainable. Zero waste. Rebel.

Imagine fabric. Imagine us.


book sleeves with a kindle


hand with 3 scrunchies on wrist near to a green bush


little bags with slings in four different prints


a set of stamps with ink-pad under warm fairy lighting